Audio Tools Library


Audio Tools Library 2.3 released, developers needed   |  27. May 2005
   This is the last release by me. I will no longer maintain the ATL project, and since I'm the only active member of the MAC Team left, ATL needs a new maintainer.
   Delphi developers interested in taking over the development/maintenance of the ATL, please contact me.

   Regards, Gambit
Audio Tools Library 2.2 released  |  13. January 2005
   Yet another ATL release. Last time we forgot to mention the people who submitted code and are not members of the MAC Team. So, let us correct that now and thank these people for their contributions: jtclipper, vlads, sundance, e-w@re and Jean-Marie Prat. Thank you all very much!

   What's new:
 - added AC3 component
 - added DTS component
 - updated APE Tag unit (writing support for APE 2.0 tags)

Audio Tools Library 2.1 released  |  31. December 2004
   Head over to the download page to get it!

   What's new:
 - added TTA component
 - added Speex component
 - updated WavPack component
 - added support for Lyrics3 v2.00 Tags to the ID3v1 component
 - updated FLAC component
 - updated WAV component
 - updated MPEG Audio component
 - some other updates/fixes to some components

Audio Tools Library 2.0 released  |  14. June 2004

   Get the new version at the download page!

   What's new:
 - added OptimFROG component
 - added WavPack component
 - added Vorbis Comment component
 - added fpl component
 - many changes/updates/fixes
 - ATL is now released under the GNU LGPL license