MPEG Audio Collection


- What is MAC?
- Why is MAC so different from the others MP3 managers?
- Where is the official homepage for MAC? Where can I download new versions?
- What multimedia formats does MAC accept?
- Do you plan to release a Linux version of MAC?
- Which language is MAC written in?
- How do I get MAC to scan my drive for MP3 files?
- I want to install a newer version of MAC, do I have to uninstall the previous install first?
- MAC does not play any of my MP3's, it seems not to load my default MP3 player.
- What is VBR?
- When MAC lists my MP3's, some of the songs have an incorrect time.
- The program reports an error when try to open my database file.
- I have installed MAC and I do not know why I can not search for files, the command "Search" appears in gray.
- The Excel report alters the special characters. Is it a problem of Excel?
- How am I going to save my MP3 library into a file, where songs are individually described, like song name, album and everything like this?
- I want to write a CGI or ASP, that can allow people to search my collection and I was wondering if you could supply me with the COL file format description.
- How to print out the list of my files?
- I always rip my CD's with VBR. MAC shows most of the time correct bit rates, but sometimes I see CBR.
  • What is MAC?
    MAC means MPEG Audio Collection. It will help you to organize your audio file collection. There are some nice features like a Tag editor, file renamer utility etc.
  • What multimedia formats does MAC accept?
    MAC supports the MPEG Audio format (*.mpa, *.mp1, *.mp2, *.mp3), MPEGplus (*.mp+, *.mpc), Windows PCM (*.wav), TwinVQ (*.vqf), Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg), Monkey's Audio (*.mac, *.ape), Windows Media Audio (*.wma), AAC (*.aac), WavPack (*.wv), FLAC (*.flac), and OptimFROG (*.ofr) files.
  • What is VBR?
    It is short for "Variable bit rate". Some MP3 encoder support this. If there are very complex parts in a song it will use a quite high bit rate and e.g. on silence or easy parts it will use a lower bit rate. So usually the average bit rate will be not as high as the bit rate of an MP3 of the same quality with constant bit rate.